Ancon Cloud Update Oct 2022

This update includes many new features and improvements to existing ones along with a bunch of smaller bug fixes. See below list

New Features

  • Automatic Z-report by e-mail - Set email addresses for export of Z-day report as PDF and/or SIE file.
  • POS groups - Group your POS:es with the option to define Cost Center
  • Product Group Tag - Makes it possible to create and link tags to your Product Groups (eg: Tag product group Pizza and Grill with "Food" to sort your products more easily).
  • IN-OUT Cash - Make deposits and withdrawals and report receipts directly in Ancon POS.
  • Correction ticket - Enable this to your Ticket Destination to receive correction tickets to the kitchen when a check or check-item is deleted from the POS.
  • Predefine kitchen messages - Create pre-defined kitchen messages that you can use in Ancon POS.
  • Number of Guests - Possibility to enter the number of guests at the table and get a report on it in Backoffice>Analytics.
  • Integration till Retain24 - Integration for Gift-Card management via Retain24.



  • Option to re-purchase specific products on a check.
  • Outlet name now shown on the Z-report.
  • More fields that are saved and "remembered" when using 'Create and continue' on products in Backoffice.
  • You can now edit the POS Action-bar from Backoffice>Licenses.
  • Removed checks are now shown in the POS under Previous Orders.
  • Better handling of products in POS when adding several of the same product but want to select different options in the Add on Group.
  • Improved product search in Analytics.
  • Auto-ready feature for AnconOrder is implemented and working again.
  • Scroll on table maps in POS if screen size is too small and cannot display all tables.
  • Control-box and license info is now placed more visible in Backoffice>Licenses.
  • “Retry all” function can now be found under  integrations to avoid resending each row one at a time.
  • Edit products directly from the menu tree in Backoffice.
  • Option to filter on Outlet under Personnel in Backoffice.
  • The table view (Map, Grid, Open Table) now remains in the same state even if the user has logged out and logged in.